5 Highlights From 5 Years of Clinically Media

All month we are celebrating Clinically Media turning five. There have been many moments of growth, reminders of why we do what we do, and opportunities to recognize our amazing team. Here we share our top five highlights over the past five years!

1) Helping Countless Patients by Advancing Medicine

Working closely with biopharma companies and clinical research sites, we reached multiple enrollment and timeline goals and connected patients to new, potential treatments. We identified and educated psoriasis patients about clinical trials for nail psoriasis and plaque psoriasis, which resulted in sending research sites many pre-qualified referrals. We supported efforts to bring two hyperhidrosis treatments to market, including a Phase III study and a Pivotal study. We connected melasma and photodamage patients to a clinical trial testing the effectiveness of sunscreen in improving symptoms for women of color. We supported enrollment for a study evaluating a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease; and, with our support, our client met their enrollment and timeline goals. We connected hidradenitis suppurativa patients with a clinical trial investigating a potential treatment, which resulted in exceeding our client’s goal number of referrals. Through all our patient recruitment and retention work, we’re helping researchers find cures for these conditions and beyond; and we’re empowering patients to discover and decide a treatment journey that works for them.

Clinically Media is dedicated to advancing medicine beyond our work in clinical trials. In 2022, we launched our Giveback Initiative; as part of this initiative, for every contract, we donate 1% of profits to an organization dedicated to supporting patients and research for that condition. 

2) Finding Our Place in the Spotlight

We’re proud to be recognized for our work in clinical research and the biopharma industry. In 2022 alone, Clinically Media and our CEO received highly competitive awards. For example, the Clinically Media team was named a Top 10 Patient Solutions Provider for 2022 by the Life Sciences Review. Our CEO, Victoria Donovan, was named One of 2022 ELITE 100 in the Entrepreneur category by PM360 and one of GenXYZ Top 25 Most Influential Young Professionals by ColoradoBiz Magazine.

As an award-winning agency, we’re gaining recognition and sharing our story in multiple publications. The VoyageDenver highlighted Victoria Donovan’s story about building and creating Clinically Media in their Hidden Gems series. In an interview with Shoutout Colorado, Victoria shares her vision for Clinically Media and the company’s impact on the industry. Victoria also sat down with PM360 to share her insight into the challenges she faced and solutions she provided for her clients and partners, particularly during COVID-19.

3) Expanding Our DEI Initiatives

As patient recruiters, we have a unique responsibility to understand and educate ourselves and the industry on the inequities and health disparities marginalized communities experience. Thus, we are continuously learning about and expanding upon our initiatives for improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in clinical research. In 2022, we welcomed Dr. Anita Gupta in hosting a discussion on DEI in clinical trials with our team. We also interviewed Ramsey Johnson, OUTbio’s President and Founder, to further discuss how the industry can improve DEI in clinical research. In PM360’s September issue, Victoria Donovan shares how DEI is a crucial aspect of patient centricity. In the Association of Clinical Research Professionals’ (ACRP’s) Clinical Research journal, our Marketing Managers’, Kate Schroeder and Seth Palmer, article was published and is now being highlighted as part of ACRP’s continuing education certification program. 

To better serve clients and patients, we are conducting market research. For our clients, we plan to implement programs they find fulfilling and educational, particularly geared toward DEI. For patients, we hope to better understand the aspects that influence a person’s decision to join a clinical trial and the factors that make clinical trials inaccessible, particularly for marginalized communities.

4) Rebranding Clinically Media

As Victoria expanded the company from a one woman operation to a full team, we needed a new brand guide that represented the growing team. So, in 2021, Clinically Media underwent a company rebranding. The rebranding included updating our logo, color palette, fonts, website, and messaging around our company and services. 

Previous Clinically Media Logo
Current Clinically Media Logo

When refreshing our logo, we selected bright, vibrant colors that reflect our energy, mission, and values. Alongside the logo update, we changed our fonts, created a new website, and developed a brand guide complete with messaging guidelines. Taking on a new image and brand with the same mission, we were more prepared to set ourselves apart from our competitors and showcase our skills in branding and marketing.

5) Growing The Team

Over the past five years, Clinically Media has grown into an award-winning team. While we are small, our team is data-driven, specialized, and passionate. Our talented team includes Colleen Hickman, Kate Schroeder, Seth Palmer, Lyly Pham, and of course, Victoria Donovan. 

Colleen Hickman joined the company as the Chief Marketing Officer about a year ago. She has vast skills and experiences in content marketing, public relations, graphic design, and brand strategy. Today, Colleen is leading the marketing team’s strategy and client management.  

In March 2021, Kate Schroeder joined the team. Working at a small startup, Kate naturally took on more responsibilities in her role. Today, as a Marketing Manager, she supports the company’s and clients’ content marketing, copywriting, public relations, and more.

Seth Palmer joined the Clinically Media team in April 2022 as a Marketing Manager. He’s already made a significant impact, while leading our social media strategy, media buying department, events management, and more.

Lyly Pham is our graphic designer and has been with the company for nearly two years. Creating social media graphics, flyers, branding identities, animations, website design, and more, Lyly uses her unique visual perspective to bring any design tasks to life.

Lastly, Victoria Donovan is the company’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Starting the company back in 2017, Victoria built this talented team and award-winning company from the ground up. Her ultimate goal has always been to support biopharma professionals in advancing medicine together. 

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