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Get to Know Your Clinically Media Team – Colleen Hickman

We figured it’s time to introduce the team behind the award-winning patient recruitment and retention agency, Clinically Media! We’re a small, specialized team that is diverse, data-driven, and has an extremely high standard of work. Nimble and creative, we’re excited to take on new projects. From receiving multiple awards to reaching our partners’ goals, there’s not much our team can’t accomplish together. Our first team profile, of this multipart series, highlights Clinically Media’s Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Hickman.

Colleen Hickman, CMO

Colleen has been involved in marketing and advertising her whole career. For her, it’s not a job, it’s a passion. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI, Colleen has always been a natural creative. Drawing inspiration from the landmark marketing campaigns of Apple, she chose to learn and apply a diverse collection of skills to become a pertinent asset wherever her career might take her. During her college years, worked in retail for Apple and interned with various advertisement and PR agencies to hone her craft in Los Angeles where she first found her voice for pushing novel ideas. In a time where companies were still learning how to use social media as an effective marketing and PR tool, Colleen proved to be more than just an intern by showcasing how impactful social media can truly be. Her showcase of skill and ambition did not go unnoticed as TBWA, Apple’s dedicated advertising agency, hired her on as a full-time employee upon finishing her internship. Colleen would go on to work with companies big and small; excelling in content marketing, public relations, graphic design, and brand strategy. 
About ten years ago, looking for a change of pace in her personal and professional life, Colleen moved to the Aspen Valley in Colorado. Eventually, she ran her own marketing consulting firm where she began her working relationship with Victoria Donovan. With her versatile knowledge base in marketing and management experience, Colleen is a perfect fit as the Chief Marketing Officer of Clinically Media. With Clinically Media, Colleen hopes to progress access and inclusion for clinical trials. She always works to educate our partners on the importance of creative and versatile marketing tools in their patient recruiting efforts. The basis of her marketing strategy is to find the “why” behind every decision made by her and her marketing team in order to always be self-evaluating and striving for tangible goals. She loves the tight-knit team with Clinically Media as it perpetuates a culture of working for each other and sincere praise of quality work.


  • Colleen is a huge lover of good wine and good food, so much so, that every year she volunteers to work at the annual Aspen Food & Wine Classic where she can be right in the thick of celebrating some of the best food, wine, and spirits in the country.
  • Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. As a self-proclaimed home chef, she likes the challenge of the timing and organization it takes for a large meal for her family and friends. It’s so rewarding when it all comes together in the most delicious way and makes for a great shared experience with those she cares about.

Meet the rest of the team

Stay tuned as we introduce the next member of the Clinically Media team, Marketing Manager, Kate Schroeder!

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