Kate Schroeder

Get to Know Your Clinically Media Team – Kate Schroeder

Kate Schroeder, Marketing Manager

Kate is one of Clinically Media’s talented Marketing Managers. She has been with Clinically Media since the spring of 2021. In her role, Kate wears many hats creating marketing content for Clinically Media and their partners. Kate combines her skills in data analysis, writing, and attention to small detail to boost the marketing team and service their partners. Kate exemplifies Clinically Media’s mission and vision as she passionately works to play a critical role in bringing new healthcare treatments to market and increasing accessibility to clinical trials and studies for people from any and all backgrounds. 
Kate attended Colorado College in her hometown Colorado Springs. After getting a taste of marketing working for a law firm, she was ready to fully commit her career to marketing with her creative and analytical mind. Kate is willing to grind to service Clinically Media’s partners as she will take on any project thrown her way and balance it all with a positive and service-oriented attitude. She approaches every project with the same enthusiasm no matter how big or small because each project will further the Clinically Media’s impact on the elevation of patient recruitment and retention to benefit everyone involved in clinical research.  


  • Kate loves the outdoors in Colorado, no matter the season. Any day off of work is a great day for a hike! To get outside more while living in the city, she recently picked up skateboarding.
  • Everyone likes to pick their favorite decade whether they were alive during the time or not. Kate’s favorite decade of the 20th century? She’s a 90’s baby. She loves the styles and music of the 90’s and misses when MTV actually played music videos.

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The next member of the Clinically Media team we will introduce is Marketing Manager, Seth Palmer!

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