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Get to Know Your Clinically Media Team – Lyly Pham

Lyly Pham, Graphic Designer

Working out of her home state of Massachusetts, Lyly has been working with Clinically Media as a graphic designer while finishing her degree in Interactive Media at Clark University, since late 2020. Recently graduated, Lyly is ready to work fulltime as Clinically Media’s exclusive graphic designer with her unique visual perspectives in both print and online design. Social media graphics, flyers, branding identities, animations, and more are all covered by Lyly’s skill set.

Lyly’s family emigrated from Vietnam, planting roots in central Massachusetts where Lyly was born and raised, fostering her interest in art and creativity at a young age. She was drawn away from more traditional education by her teachers who went beyond educating straight from a textbook. To get a jump on her true interests, she enrolled in a vocational high school for graphic design where she began the journey toward her eventual career. Lyly loves the idea that she can leverage her passions in art and design in order to contribute to the greater progress of clinical research. Lyly will continually dive more into new design styles and trends. She loves staying up to date with the latest trends in graphic design, whether it’s trying out those new styles for Clinically Media or for her personal projects. She likes a challenge where she can push herself out of her comfort zone and try out new styles that she may have never done before. With the doors now open to new opportunities upon the completion of her degree, Lyly is excited about future opportunities and experiences in her personal life and her role with Clinically Media.


  • If Lyly was to host her own late-night talk show, her first guest would be graphic designer and one of her professors, Kat Andler. She integrates her marketing experience into each course so that students better understand the motivations and objectives behind the design. Her passion is inspiring students to create meaningful, impactful designs that move beyond visual communication into action.
  • Lyly is a big fan of the neon retro style. The aesthetic draws inspiration to Lyly and some of her personal art.

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