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Get to Know Your Clinically Media Team – Victoria Donovan

Victoria Donovan, Founder and CEO

Sometimes your true calling in life isn’t entirely apparent until an opportunity appears right in front of you. For Victoria, this is partly how she founded Clinically Media in 2017. What started as freelance marketing jobs for pharmaceutical companies and biotech firms, turned into a network of companies needing assistance with larger projects, including the formidable task of recruiting patients for clinical trials.

Victoria attended the University of Colorado – Boulder to study Psychology and English. The Boulder startup scene ignited her fascination with the power of marketing and the thrill of starting a company. As her network and reputation grew, her freelance work snowballed into more opportunities than Victoria could handle alone. It was here that Clinically Media was born.

Victoria saw beyond this opportunity to generate more revenue by leveraging a team beyond her own expertise. She set out to elevate the level of healthcare that everyone receives by connecting patients to potentially life saving treatments. Patient recruitment and retention is more than just enrolling the participants who are the easiest to recruit. It is about enrolling patients whose participation truly improves the standard of care for all patients. Clinically Media’s purpose is to make the lives of everyone involved in clinical research easier — the pharmaceutical companies, the research sites, the patients, and everyone in between.

Victoria continues to build upon the success of Clinically Media by building deep connections in the local and national biotech and pharmaceutical industry. She knows how large scale projects impact the individuals in need of better treatment options and understands the challenges involved in conducting clinical research. She builds relationships with sincerity and a fine tuned ear to the needs of the companies with whom she partners. She is always driven to be challenged and draws inspiration from her mother who has always demonstrated strong follow through and leadership skills. Victoria guides the Clinically Media team with this mindset in order to get the best results for their partners.


  • Victoria is currently training to run her first marathon in October of this year.
  • If Victoria could live anywhere in the world for one year, she would choose the gulf coast of Mexico. Simple living by simple means would allow her to focus on each day and appreciate the little things that life has to offer.

Meet the rest of the team

This concludes our series introducing the amazing team working at Clinically Media. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to get to know Colleen, Kate, Seth, and Lyly. We look forward to working with you!

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