New Partner: Cerneos Group

The Clinically Media team is proud to announce our partnership with Cerneos Group.

About Cerneos Group

Cerneos Group is a life science consulting company that takes a firm through science, engineering, finance, regulatory, clinical and manufacturing to get companies from concept to the patient’s bedside. Cerneos provides the resources needed to achieve science, regulatory and production goals to make healthcare innovations a reality.

Why This Partnership Matters

At Clinically Media, we also strive to advance healthcare innovations to improve patients’ lives. By supporting biopharma companies with marketing and branding efforts as well as cost effectively sourcing patients for clinical trials, we help advance treatments to reach patients faster. 

Our partnership with Cerneos Group means we are working together to advance medicine even more efficiently. We’re excited to be partnering with a like-minded organization, who is equally dedicated to progressing medicines to reach patients as quickly as possible. 

Interested in Partnering with Us?

Consider learning more about our partnership program.

Let’s get to work

You’re not just another client with us. You’re a partner. We take on your project as if our business depended on it because well, we know it does.

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