Clinically Media Named Top Patient Recruitment Company

Life Sciences Review annually lists 10 Top Patient Recruitment Solutions Providers that are at the forefront of providing patient recruitment services and are transforming businesses. This year, Clinically Media was named by a panel of experts and members of the Life Sciences Review magazines editorial board as the top company providing patient recruitment solutions. The Life Sciences Review panel selected Clinically Media for this prestigious spot for our track record of successfully addressing the biggest challenges to patient recruitment.

Why We’re The Top Patient Recruiters

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We customize our approach for every project and focus our solutions on the bigger impact of advancing science, medicine, and the wellbeing of people everywhere. Every year, we connect thousands of patients with new, groundbreaking treatments by partnering with sponsors, research sites, CRO’s, doctors, study coordinators, patient advocates, and many others in the clinical trial space. 

For example, in 2021, we supported a research site, Center for Dermatology Clinical Research with their patient recruitment for a melasma and photodamage clinical trial. The study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of sunscreen in improving melasma and photodamage symptoms for women of color. Clinical trials have historically excluded communities of color and women, and in line with our values of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Clinically Media strives to break down barriers to clinical research for patients of all marginalized communities by creating diverse and inclusive patient recruitment and retention campaigns for all clinical trials. Based on the budget, location, and contract, we set out to send the research site 30 pre-qualified referrals. Utilizing diverse and inclusive messaging and images and research-based advertising methods, we exceeded their goal number by more than 3 times, recruiting a total of 115 pre-qualified referrals. The research site was able to meet their enrollment timelines because of our help. Dr. Dhawan from the Center for Dermatology shared, “The Clinically Media team is efficient and flexible. They brought new, customized solutions to our recruitment campaign for melasma patients, and they surpassed our goal number of referrals. We enjoyed working with them and hope to work together again in the future.” Read all about our strategies in our Melasma and Photodamage Patient Recruitment Case Study and learn more about our experiences.

The Clinically Media team has made a positive impact that has shaped the biopharma industry and made a difference in the lives of millions of patients. Utilizing customized marketing strategies and solutions, the Clinically Media team bridges the gap between patients and clinical trials to support clinical stage drug and device development companies with innovative business initiatives. Together, there’s not much our team of experts cannot accomplish. That’s why we’ve been recognized as one of the Top 10 Patient Recruitment Solutions Providers by Life Sciences Review. As Jeremy Williams, Managing Editor of Life Sciences Review magazine, shared, “We are pleased to recognize Clinically Media on this prestigious list. This top positioning is based on how Clinically Media works to conduct comprehensive market research to recruit clinical study participants.” Learn more about Clinically Media’s feature story and cover in the August 2022 issue.

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