PM360 Q&A with Victoria Donovan, Founder and CEO, Clinically Media

As with many other areas of healthcare, COVID-19 has accelerated the transformation of clinical trials in a variety of ways. As the founder and CEO of Clinically Media, a healthcare IT company devoted to patient recruitment and retention for clinical-stage biotechs, Victoria Donovan has been on the frontlines to see the impact of many of those changes. But, in some cases, those changes have not been enough and she has been pushing for even more improvements in areas that many companies are still ignoring. Ultimately, her dream is to make clinical trials and the patient recruitment process inclusive, seamless, and yes, even sexy.

PM360: Clinical trial operations have experienced some challenges and evolutions as a result of the pandemic. What have been the biggest hurdles with getting patients to join trials during this time?

Victoria Donovan: One challenge is getting patients actually… [continue reading on PM360]

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