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We’ve partnered with research sites on exceptional local campaigns since 2017.

Patient recruitment and engagement specialists

Our data-driven approach, combined with an intensive market research exploration of your unique local area around the research site, enables us to identify strategic and complementary partnerships, patient sources, and behavior influencers within your target demographic of patients, making our marketing campaigns truly exceptional.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Clinical Trial with Clinically Media

86% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment goals

Join the 14% of Successful Studies that Meet Their Enrollment Goals and Advance Medicine Today

Let Us Help You Connect with a Diverse Population of Potential Participants and Overcome Obstacles to Clinical Research Progress

Around 86% of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment goals, delaying or preventing new drugs from reaching patients. Clinically Media mitigates enrollment obstacles and progresses medicine by finding diverse populations of patients who may benefit from participating in clinical research.

The Clinically Media Way

How our research sites benefit:

Traditional Strategies

  • Social media 
  • Digital advertising
  • Print 
  • Media buy
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Billboard
  • In-office advertising
  • Public transportation

Custom & Creative Strategies

  • Community outreach
  • Support group collaboration
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Referral programs
  • Street team promotion
  • Guerilla advertising

Affordable Contracts

We strive to maximize funding for your project by leveraging your sponsor-provided recruitment budgets. We understand the importance of developing a tailored plan, strategy, and budget that aligns with the specific needs and number of studies typically conducted at your site, ensuring optimal financial support and success.

Easy Implementation for our core indicationS

Get the benefits of a large central campaign as a single research site.

more referrals

When you’re part of a Clinically Media core indication campaign, your budget goes farther because the burden of ad optimization is shared by many.


Our deep experience in our core indications patient recruitment means understanding your target patient well enough to effectively recruit them.


Our dedication to DEI means we recruit a diverse range of patients, including different racial and ethnic groups. 

Maximize Your Investment

Effective Patient Recruitment with Clinically Media's Custom Approach

Invest in the right solution from the start with Clinically Media. Our patient-centered recruitment campaigns guarantee timely trial fill and minimize the financial risk that comes with missed enrollment deadlines. Our personalized approach combines your specific research site requirements with our marketing, design, and analytics expertise, ensuring a seamless and ultimately cost-effective solution.

Data-driven strategies

In-depth analytics Reports

Customized Approaches

adaptable programs

Small, highly specialized team

Award-Winning Agency

Part 1

Research & Strategy

A Comprehensive Patient Recruitment Process

Customized Campaign Strategy
  • Selecting the right mix of services to reach patient enrollment and research site business goals
  • Ensuring efforts are targeted, impactful, and drive growth while meeting goals
In-Depth Market Research
  • Deep dive into the local market and target patient demographics
  • Analysis of current engagement methods
  • Revealing valuable insights to inform strategic marketing plan
Part 2

Material Development

Customer-Centric Communications

Branding, Messaging, and Content
  • Strategy brought to life in a patient-centric way
  • Utilized insights from market research to inform tailored campaigns
  • Clear and consistent communication to patient-base
  • Appealing content created by media team to resonate with target audience
  • End result: a set of creative materials that drive engagement and deliver results
Part 3


Data-Driven Campaign Implementation and Optimization

Strategy and Material Implementation
  • Our team implements the strategy and materials developed in Part 1 and Part 2, delivering a comprehensive healthcare marketing campaign that drives engagement and delivers results.
Data-driven Optimization
  • Our team uses data-driven approaches to measure and analyze the impact of the campaign, ensuring that we are continuously optimizing and improving the performance and outcomes of the marketing efforts.
Continuous Improvement
  • Our focus on data-driven optimization and continuous improvement ensures that our research site patient recruitment and engagement campaigns will deliver the best possible results and drive continuous improvement over time.

Big partnerships, big benefits

Success stories

We’re devoted to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical research through efficient, scalable, and data-driven marketing strategies that keep enrollment goals on target.


People talk


Clinically Media has been a total success with our practice! The one-on-one professionalism and honest dedication to growing our population has been a resounding success. We look forward to our continuing relationship, thank you!

Study Coordinator

Windsor Dermatology/Psoriasis Treatment Center of Central New Jersey

Clinically Media exceeded our expectations in their recruitment support for Brickell’s two Phase 3 trials. They were efficient and nimble in providing both an umbrella recruitment strategy and customized support directly to sites to ensure our aggressive enrollment goal was met.

Clinical Operations, Project Manager

Brickell Biotech

A true partner from the very beginning -- Clinically Media is a go to team for establishing corporate branding and commercialization planning.  Whether our needs be complete website redesign, social media strategy or efficient market research execution, Clinically Media delivers on time, on budget, with quality work and creative recommendations.  I’d highly recommend this team as an extension of your own.

Commercial Marketing


Clinically Media delivered outstanding, high quality creative, visual and graphic web-based solutions within our agreed timelines. I enjoyed collaborating with Victoria and her team, and will definitely consider using their services for future clinical studies. I strongly recommend Clinically Media to other companies.

L. A. Romel

Principal at Lawrence Romel Consulting

Clinically Media’s efficiency and attention to detail contributed to the enrollment success of the Sahara axillary hyperhidrosis study.

Erin Tims, Senior Clinical Director

Candesant Biomedical

Clinically Media did very well and are easy to work with. Will work with them again in the future for sure. And their portal is easy to navigate. Keep doing what you're doing!

James, Study Coordinator

Windsor Dermatology/Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment Centers of NJ

The Clinically Media team is efficient and flexible. They brought new, customized solutions to our recruitment campaign for melasma patients, and they surpassed our goal number of referrals. We enjoyed working with them and hope to work together again in the future.

Dr. Dhawan

Center for Dermatology

We love working with the Clinically Media team. They provide professional, informed marketing advice and analytics, and they always create on-brand and engaging images and captions for Brickell’s social channels.

Chief Marketing Officer

Brickell Biotech

I can't say enough about the quality of work, responsiveness, and flexibility that Clinically Media brought to the project. I hope to have another project that needs Clinically Media's services.

Clinical Operations

Brickell Biotect

Communication was excellent! Worked well with changing a few things to bring in more referrals.

Clinical Research

Hamzavi Dermatology

We are so happy to have partnered with Clinically Media. Working in a small start up environment, we lacked not only resources but expertise. The ideas that CM brought to the table were innovative and fresh, and we saw our boost in enrollment immediately. Victoria and Brenda were not only flexible, but problem solvers -we are grateful to have worked with such a wonderful company.

Prism Study, Parkinson's Disease


Referral management, the right way

Clinically Portal is Clinically Media’s proprietary referral management software

For sponsors, Clinically Portal offers game-changing analytics of referral and enrollment progression not typically available to sponsors, such as the referral source of randomized patients. 

For research sites, Clinically Portal means easy access to pertinent referral information like contact details and prescreening status, conveniently accessed through a customizable dashboard. 

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