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Recruitment Essentials Kit

Jumpstart patient recruitment with a suite of affordable recruitment materials: branding, flyer, and a social media ad creative. We’re even throwing in an extra special bonus… find out what it is.

Our risk-free model

We are a premier agency confident in our abilities – so confident that we’ll give you money back if we don’t meet recruitment goals. Plus, you only pay per prequalified referral or enrolled patient you receive from us. 

Pay-per model

Only pay for the prequalified patient referrals or enrolled patients we actually get you. Our contracts are typically set up to charge per referral with an added bonus for an enrolled patient. This keeps us dialed in through the end, increasing referral follow-through and quality campaign practices.

Money-back guarantee

You only pay when we deliver. Your deposit is 100% refundable when we do not hold up our end of the contract. 


Our team is able to get your campaign up and running within 1 week. We also value your time as much as you do and push for aggressive enrollment timelines. Our contracts typically include timeline incentives, so we're as (or more) motivated as you to get your study filled.

Full-service, always

We will handle everything we need to to ensure a successful campaign.

Our risk-free model allows us the freedom we need to recruit qualified patients extremely effectively for your study. 

We’re devoted to improving diversity in clinical research through efficient, scalable, and data-driven marketing strategies. Our expertly-designed recruitment campaigns keep enrollment goals on target. 

Our “Always Included” list is a sampling of the services we may utilize when recruiting for your study. The list is not exhaustive, we are a creative team who thinks outside the box and makes things happen. 

Always included

Our full-service central campaigns typically involve a combination of traditional advertising and strategic partnerships with advocacy groups, on top of other creative ways to fill your study, keeping diversity at the forefront always. 

Our team of digital marketing experts use sophisticated data to segment consumers by demographics or interests in order to reach the right target audience.

  • Digital advertising methods are our go-to’s, including PPC, Google Ads, social media ads, and more. 
  • Captivate your target audience with our functional, visually appealing digital, social media, and print advertisements (brochures, flyers, posters, etc).

We only send patients to your research sites who are qualified and reliable.

We create and execute a strategic plan that aligns with your time and budget constraints. Our adaptability ensures your goals are met despite any unforeseen obstacles or changes.

Already working with another agency? We’ll manage the project from an expert’s point of view, assuring better results. 

We design and build study websites that effectively pull in audiences and convert them to the next stage in the clinical trial process.

We provide valuable resources – portal software and training materials – and round-the-clock support for each of your research sites. This keeps both parties connected and motivated throughout the enrollment process.

Sophisticated analytics are gathered and presented during each stage of the recruitment campaign. This ensures we are optimizing performance, reducing costs, and maintaining a streamlined campaign.

In-depth, useful analytics and reporting on campaign progress, including insight into enrollment progress of referrals on a site-level. 

Clinically Media’s Proprietary Referral Management Software. Learn more about why your study would benefit from Clinically Portal

We cover the fees and submission of our recruitment materials to the IRB.

Our established partnerships with organizations like patient advocacy groups and Uber Health allow us to increase the number of people who are able to participate in our studies.

Uber Health x Clinically Media

Risk-free patient recruitment

Clinically Media is an award-winning, full-service agency specializing in patient recruitment and retention in clinical research. Trust us with your next recruitment project, risk-free. 

Learn more about Clinically Media here.

Success stories

We’re devoted to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical research through efficient, scalable, and data-driven marketing strategies that keep enrollment goals on target.

Clinically Media has been a total success with our practice! The one-on-one professionalism and honest dedication to growing our population has been a resounding success. We look forward to our continuing relationship, thank you!

Study Coordinator

Windsor Dermatology/Psoriasis Treatment Center of Central New Jersey

Clinically Media exceeded our expectations in their recruitment support for Brickell’s two Phase 3 trials. They were efficient and nimble in providing both an umbrella recruitment strategy and customized support directly to sites to ensure our aggressive enrollment goal was met.

Clinical Operations, Project Manager

Brickell Biotech

A true partner from the very beginning -- Clinically Media is a go to team for establishing corporate branding and commercialization planning.  Whether our needs be complete website redesign, social media strategy or efficient market research execution, Clinically Media delivers on time, on budget, with quality work and creative recommendations.  I’d highly recommend this team as an extension of your own.

Commercial Marketing


Clinically Media delivered outstanding, high quality creative, visual and graphic web-based solutions within our agreed timelines. I enjoyed collaborating with Victoria and her team, and will definitely consider using their services for future clinical studies. I strongly recommend Clinically Media to other companies.

L. A. Romel

Principal at Lawrence Romel Consulting

Clinically Media’s efficiency and attention to detail contributed to the enrollment success of the Sahara axillary hyperhidrosis study.

Erin Tims, Senior Clinical Director

Candesant Biomedical

Clinically Media did very well and are easy to work with. Will work with them again in the future for sure. And their portal is easy to navigate. Keep doing what you're doing!

James, Study Coordinator

Windsor Dermatology/Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment Centers of NJ

The Clinically Media team is efficient and flexible. They brought new, customized solutions to our recruitment campaign for melasma patients, and they surpassed our goal number of referrals. We enjoyed working with them and hope to work together again in the future.

Dr. Dhawan

Center for Dermatology

We love working with the Clinically Media team. They provide professional, informed marketing advice and analytics, and they always create on-brand and engaging images and captions for Brickell’s social channels.

Chief Marketing Officer

Brickell Biotech

I can't say enough about the quality of work, responsiveness, and flexibility that Clinically Media brought to the project. I hope to have another project that needs Clinically Media's services.

Clinical Operations

Brickell Biotect

Communication was excellent! Worked well with changing a few things to bring in more referrals.

Clinical Research

Hamzavi Dermatology

We are so happy to have partnered with Clinically Media. Working in a small start up environment, we lacked not only resources but expertise. The ideas that CM brought to the table were innovative and fresh, and we saw our boost in enrollment immediately. Victoria and Brenda were not only flexible, but problem solvers -we are grateful to have worked with such a wonderful company.

Prism Study, Parkinson's Disease


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