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Kate Schroeder’s Insights on CBSA’s Leadership Course

I was fortunate enough to participate in The Foundations of Leadership course in the Spring of 2022. Hosted by Colorado BioScience Association (CBSA) and led by Brian Ogawa of SmartfulWorks, the course covered leading as you manage, building upon skills, and understanding the power of the team.  

The course consisted of three full day workshops. In the first session, we explored the difference between management and leadership; the importance of understanding your own and your team’s personality types; and how to delegate, build trust, and actively listen. In the second workshop, we took these lessons and practiced them in mock scenarios. Through these sessions, I gained valuable experience in conflict management, enhancing team confidence, and much more. By the final meeting, we combined all of our new knowledge in a culminating assignment where, in groups, we presented on how to best address issues of a dysfunctional team.

Each day in the workshop provided a plethora of information with so many nuggets of wisdom. At the end of every day, Brian asked each person to share one word of how we felt at that moment. On the final day, there were many people who shared, “overwhelmed,” as their word, myself included, but Brian stressed to start with just one objective or lesson that resonated with you and work on that.

Since the workshop, I’ve been focused on building trust within my team, utilizing the takeaways from the workshop to lead even better meetings, and further developing my conflict management skills. I’ve significantly improved upon these expertise and more.

Final Takeaways

The Foundations of Leadership course provided actionable steps for me, as I continue developing my leadership skill set. There were many highlights from the course and opportunities for me to implement new skills and knowledge. I appreciated Brian’s thoughtful and in-depth insight into managing conflict, building trust among teams, and improving presentation skills. Upon completing the course, I feel well-informed and prepared to take on new challenges. I’m grateful to CBSA, Brian Ogawa, and Clinically Media for this incredible opportunity! I highly recommend the Foundations of Leadership course for everyone at any stage in their leadership journey. 

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