Driving Patient Diversity: Victoria Donovan’s Journey to DEI Mastery for Diverse Patient Enrollment

We’re thrilled to announce that Victoria Donovan, CEO and Founder of Clinically Media, has successfully completed the esteemed DEI Leadership Institute™ Master Practitioner Certification Program, alongside esteemed professionals Rita Sangrizi, Patent Attorney and Colorado Bioscience Association Board Member, and Francisca Bermea, Member Success Specialist at the Colorado Bioscience Association.

This achievement solidifies Victoria’s standing as a leader in patient recruitment while highlighting her dedication to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within our industry.

The DEI Leadership Certification Program equips leaders like Victoria with the essential skills, tools, and strategies to drive meaningful change in organizations. Through comprehensive study, relationship building, and leadership experiences in DEI initiatives, participants gain the competencies required to become Certified DEI Master Practitioners™.

As a Certified DEI Master Practitioner™, Victoria is now empowered to create and implement strategies that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion both within Clinically Media and within the clinical research industry Clinically Media serves. She has gained invaluable insights into leading change, influencing organizational culture, and measuring DEI effectiveness, establishing herself as a formidable advocate for positive transformation.

With her enhanced expertise in DEI leadership, Victoria is better positioned to ensure that clinical trials are filled with diverse patients. Leveraging her skills, she can develop recruitment strategies that prioritize inclusivity and equity, driving greater representation and participation in clinical research.

We applaud Victoria Donovan for her dedication to DEI leadership and congratulate her on this remarkable achievement. Her expertise and passion will undoubtedly drive impactful change and inspire others to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in their respective fields.

To learn more about diverse patient enrollment, please contact us at Clinically Media. To learn more about the DEI Leadership Institute, please visit https://leaddei.com.

Together, let’s empower change and create a more inclusive future for all.

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