patient recruitment and retention

Patient Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Building a successful clinical trial requires a multifaceted strategy applied to each step in the recruitment and retention process. We have successfully met various clinical trials’ patient enrollment goals both timely and cost effectively by implementing the methods below.


Patient Research

Developing patient-centric clinical trials involves a deep understanding of the indication of interest. That’s why we start every recruitment and retention campaign by researching what the condition is and how it impacts the lives of those living with it. Understanding the indication allows us to keep the patient’s perspective at the heart of every marketing campaign. This serves as an important foundation for design development, naming the study, and the overall recruitment and retention processes.

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Why Patient-Centricity is Key to Clinical Trial Success


Brand & Design Development

Curating a brand and creating the design components are important steps in the early stages of developing an engaging and inclusive clinical trial. The first step is naming the study, which lays the foundation for conducting a marketable trial. Other elements include the study’s color palette, diverse representation in imagery, and succinct and clear messaging. For each unique study, we find the right combination of these materials to capture the attention of patients and encourage them to act.



All social platforms have policy guidelines in place to protect consumers, and, of course, the IRB has rules for how and what to say to potential participants. That’s why working with an experienced trial recruiting agency is crucial. At Clinically Media, we have years of experience navigating these guidelines and policies. We implement the best copywriting strategies while ensuring all third-party requirements are met. Additionally, we create and test a diverse portfolio of copy and images to sustain the marketing campaign, adjusting our strategies when needed for the best results.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Once the content is IRB approved, we begin marketing and advertising on various platforms. At the start of our marketing campaigns, we run tests to find the most effective messaging, including which images perform best, what captions receive the most engagement, and which CTA’s get the most clicks. The results of these tests provide additional insight into the behavior of our target audience and help us adjust our strategy to better engage with patients during the recruitment process and throughout our retention efforts. Upon conclusion of the clinical trial, the marketing metrics collected provide valuable insight into how to best advertise the drug or medical device.


Landing Page & Prescreening

Keep it simple and clear.

Clean design and concise wording make our clinical trials easily digestible for the viewer. We include relevant imagery and copy so the viewer knows what the trial is about and where to go for next steps.

Demonstrate trustworthiness.

We take many steps to earn participants’ trust. This includes letting the patient know that their information remains confidential and private, incorporating our client’s information and/or address, and adding testimonials from medical professionals.

Make it relatable.

We strive to incorporate the patient in all aspects of the recruitment process, and that includes imagery and written content. Our images include people of all ages, races, and genders, and we even provide advertising in both Spanish and English.


Clinically Portal (CP)

Clinically Portal is Clinically Media’s online platform that collects all the referrals’ information. CP helps research sites manage the incoming referrals and their status (i.e. not contacted or contacted, not randomized or qualified, etc.). It is easily accessible throughout the trial, HIPAA compliant, and user-friendly. When everything is saved in one place, it’s easier for sites to organize patient information and to contact them quickly and efficiently

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patient recruitment and retention

Patient Recruitment and Retention Efforts

We have successfully met various clinical trials’ patient enrollment goals both timely and cost effectively by implementing the methods below.

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