World Rare Disease Day

World Rare Disease Day

For World Rare Disease Day 2022, Clinically Media’s CEO and founder, Victoria Donovan, and CMO, Colleen Hickman, donated to and participated in the 2022 Virtual NHRC Run Walk for the Zebra 5K, hosted by the New Hope Run Club, Avery’s Hope, and Rare Disease Day. The virtual 5K was a fundraiser for pediatric patients with rare and ultra rare GI disorders. The Clinically Media team is dedicated to connecting all rare disease patients to clinical trials.

Any condition that affects 1 in 2,000 people is considered a rare disease. When looking at that number globally, that’s 300 million people whose lives are impacted by a rare disease. Rare disease patients often have reduced life expectancy and quality of life. Since 2008, people have celebrated World Rare Disease Day to help raise awareness of the 300 million rare disease patients to build an understanding of their daily lives and lack of treatment options.

At Clinically Media, we’re proud to connect patients to multiple rare disease clinical trials, building a network of rare disease patients and advancing clinical research for rare diseases. Our support for rare disease patients goes beyond our work in clinical trials. We are also committed to donating 1% of profits to organizations that support diversity, women, and advancements in healthcare, including for rare disease clinical research.

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