Empowering Clinical Psychopharmacology: Clinically Media and Ivy Clinical Research Network Join Forces at ASCP Meeting

We are thrilled to announce the powerful collaboration between Clinically Media and Ivy Clinical Research Site Network at the ASCP Annual Meeting, held from May 30 to June 1, 2023 at the Lowes Hotel in Miami. This partnership is set to revolutionize the field of clinical psychopharmacology, as we collectively bring valuable insights and expertise to drive impactful research advancements. Our focus extends to exciting breakthroughs in psychedelic research, schizophrenia research, and advancements in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) studies.


ASCP Annual Meeting: Advancing Psychopharmacology Research

The ASCP Annual Meeting stands as the pinnacle event in the field of psychopharmacology, bringing together renowned professionals from academia, regulatory agencies, industry, and research institutions. With its focus on neuropsychiatric drug development, personalized interventions, and diagnostic impact, the meeting creates a fertile ground for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Clinically Media and Ivy Clinical Research Network: Maximizing Research Success

During the ASCP Annual Meeting, Clinically Media had the honor of partnering with the esteemed Ivy Clinical Research Network. Our collaboration is rooted in a shared vision of expanding offerings and ensuring unparalleled value for research sites and their clients.

Expanding Offerings and Value

Our partnership between Clinically Media and Ivy Clinical Research Site Network, debuted at the ASCP Annual Meeting represents a pivotal moment in the realm of clinical psychopharmacology research. Clinically Media brings its expertise in patient recruitment, patient engagement, and patient retention to augment the already robust capabilities of the Ivy Clinical Research Site Network. By leveraging our innovative patient recruitment strategies and tailored engagement approaches, we empower the network and the research studies it supports to provide comprehensive services that guarantee success for their clients.

Together, we are dedicated to propelling the boundaries of knowledge and driving meaningful breakthroughs in psychiatry, and beyond. 

Enhanced Patient Recruitment Strategies:

Through this partnership, Ivy Clinical Research Network gains access to Clinically Media’s powerful, flexible, and custom patient recruitment services. Together, we will utilize local community partnerships, grassroots outreach, social media advertising, and other creative tactics to reach and engage potential study participants effectively.

Unparalleled Patient Engagement and Site Management:

Our collaboration aims to optimize patient engagement and retention throughout the clinical trial journey. Clinically Media’s expertise in patient-centric strategies, coupled with Ivy Clinical Research Site Network’s exceptional capabilities, will ensure seamless coordination between sponsors, research sites, and participants.

Advancing Medicine through Collaboration and Diversity:

Clinically Media and research sites in Ivy Clinical’s network share a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in clinical trials. By leveraging our collective efforts, we strive to enhance representation of diverse populations, foster inclusivity, and advance medicine through innovative treatments that serve all communities.


The partnership between Clinically Media and Ivy Clinical Research Network marks an exciting chapter in the field of clinical psychopharmacology. Together, we are dedicated to maximizing research success, expanding offerings, and guaranteeing unparalleled value for clients. By joining forces, we aim to drive meaningful advancements, improve patient outcomes, and transform the landscape of psychopharmacology research, and beyond.

For more information about Clinically Media’s patient recruitment services and the Ivy Clinical Research Site Network, please visit Clinically Media’s services page or Ivy Clinical’s website. Alternatively, contact Clinically Media or Contact Ivy Clinical directly. Together, we are making a lasting impact in patient-centric clinical research and shaping the future of clinical research.

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