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Get to Know Your Clinically Media Team – Seth Palmer

Seth Palmer, MBA, CDMP, Marketing Manager

Seth recently joined the team but is looking to make an immediate impact as a Marketing Manager with Clinically Media. Seth comes from a diverse professional background including healthcare marketing, sales, food and beverage management, and media production. He was born and raised in Wisconsin and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2016. He received a Bachelors in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. After living and working in Madison, Seth moved to Denver to pursue his MBA in Marketing at the University of Colorado – Denver. Before joining Clinically Media, he worked as a marketing specialist for a nationally-recognized, infusion therapy company.
Seth has never been afraid of new challenges or taking leaps of faith in his career and his personal life. It has helped grow his ability to think on his feet and think outside the box. He is always willing to lead when called upon or make contributions to a greater team. Seth has seen the mission and values of Clinically Media align with his own and feels like a natural fit with the team. He hopes to bring new ideas, creativity, and an ability to make even the most mundane projects fun. Working with a small team allows him to easily learn the ins and outs of clinical research, as he’s been able to jump right in to making a difference.
Seth Palmer in the Azores


  • Seth spent two summers in college living in a tent in the backcountry of Yosemite National Park as he worked as a trail worker for the National Park Service.
  • Seth’s perfect day is a day that starts late in the morning with a big breakfast followed by a round of golf with his best friends in perfect weather. After a long walk with his dog, Lola, he would spend the rest of the evening patio-hopping various establishments around Denver for great food and great drinks.

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